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Discover all the ways to help make your community a place where every child and family belongs.



Get to Know State of Hope

State of Hope is an initiative throughout Georgia to create communities where children are safe, thriving, and full of hope.

The aim of State of Hope is to cultivate family-centered support systems by connecting, equipping, and nurturing diverse community collaborators. There are four opportunity areas of focus:

  • Education: improving education for vulnerable youth and graduation rates of young people in foster care

  • Trauma-informed: increasing awareness of trauma, its consequences, and ways to mitigate their impact

  • Quality caregiving: improving the quality of caregiving among all caregivers across relationships

  • Economic self-sufficiency: strengthening and supporting people and families on a path toward independence.

Organizations and individuals with projects in these opportunity areas may apply to be designated a State of Hope site. Everyone who cares about their community and wants families and children to thrive are invited to apply. The Winter 2019 application is now closed.

Learn more about State of Hope and check for future application periods.


Join the Parent Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Council works with the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services Prevention and Community Support Section to meaningfully expand partnerships. The goal is to strengthen families, engage communities in the prevention of child abuse and neglect and teen pregnancy, and reduce the need for out-of-home placement of children.

Parents who have prior involvement in the child welfare system or experiences using community-based prevention services are encouraged to join. Apply today.

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Explore Community Resources

Prevent Child Abuse Georgia provides statewide direction to build safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments to prevent child abuse and neglect. It takes parents, caregivers, and supportive resources to help children thrive.

Get involved with their network of local councils made up of citizens, agencies, and communities dedicated to helping all children grow up safe and free of violence.

For resources in your area, call 1-800-CHILDREN (1-800-244-5375) or use the online resource map.


Check Out Strengthening Families Georgia

Strengthening Families Georgia (SFG) is a multidisciplinary partnership dedicated to ensuring protective factors are included in services and support for young children and their families.

People like you play a major role in Strengthening Families. You can make small but significant changes in your community by using the Strengthening Families Framework and its five protective factors in your everyday life.

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Host a Civic Dinner

Civic Dinners explore how nurturing communities in Georgia leads to a State of Hope. These insightful conversations aim to build a stronger social infrastructure among parents, families, and communities all across Georgia.

Learn more and host a dinner!

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Help Connect Families with Support

Promise686 aims to mobilize church communities to care for vulnerable children. They accomplish this mission by providing financial assistance, community support, and adoptive and foster care-related education.

CarePortal connects families in need with local faith-based organizations willing to lend a hand. Promise686 is the implementing partner for CarePortal in Georgia.

The aim of the CarePortal is to build a communications network to connect caseworkers with local faith-based organizations to help families gather the resources they need. 

Get involved with CarePortal through Promise686 to help make connections in your community possible.


Volunteer for Georgia CASA

Georgia Court Appointed Special Advocates (Georgia CASA) is dedicated to improving the lives of foster children throughout the state. Volunteers help ensure that qualified, compassionate adults will speak up for the interests and needs of vulnerable children.

The efforts of GA CASA volunteers help ensure that children have a chance at a better life.

Become a volunteer with Georgia CASA.