Building a State of Hope

Your actions nurture a community where everyone can thrive.

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services Prevention (DFCS) Community Support Section designed and launched Building a State of Hope, a statewide child abuse prevention campaign for everyone in Georgia.

Georgia’s State of Hope initiative is part of this larger movement that aims to motivate all Georgians to play a role in helping prevent child abuse and neglect for the well-being of everyone in their community.

Evidence shows that people’s efforts at the local level can encourage strong families, healthy childhoods, and thriving neighborhoods. Actions that promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments also help prevent abuse and neglect and lessen the impact of childhood trauma for every child.

Groups and individuals who work to stop childhood adversity in the first place and address its consequences are invited to use campaign assets and share across their networks online and in person.

Take action. Join the journey.